Safeco Insurance Company Wiki, Reviews, Coverage, Pros, Cons

Post Updated on 18 January 2020

Safeco Insurance Company Wiki, Reviews, Coverage, Pros, Cons: Hello Everyone… In this article, I’ll discuss on Safeco Insurance company.

If you are puzzled whether to buy Insurance from this company or not. 

Then this article is for you.

To know more read ahead Safeco Insurance Company Wiki, Reviews, Coverage, Pros, Cons.

Safeco Insurance Company Wiki

Safeco Insurance company is an American based Insurance company.

The word Safeco stands for Selective Auto and Fire Esurance Company.

The company sells auto insurance, home insurance, and speciality insurance products.

They are the member of Liberty Mutual Group, the Sixth largest insurance seller.

Safeco Insurance History

  • Safeco was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1923 by Hawthrone. K Dent. as the General Insurance Company of America, a property and casualty insurer.
  • General Insurance’s first headquarters were in Downtown Seattle at the corner of the university street and fourth avenue.
  • In 1936, It moved to the eight-story Brooklyn building at the corner of N.E. 45th Street and Brooklyn N.E. in the university.
  • In 1957, General Insurance insurance began to sell Life Insurance.
  • 11 year later the corporate changed its name the from General Insurance of Company to Safeco corporation.
  • Safeco replaced the Brooklyn Building with 22 story Safeco Plaza Building in 1973.
  • On April 2001, the new management company was brought in to restructure the company.
  • In 2010, Safeco announced it’s the donation of more than 800 pieces of it’s Safeco Art collection to Washing Art Consortium.

Safeco Insurance Company Coverage

By now I’ve told you Safeco Insurance Wiki, History and I am going to discuss Safeco Insurance Coverage & Reviews.

Safeco offers Three types of Coverage:

  • Standard coverage
  • Popular coverage
  • Basic coverage
  • Standard coverage

In Standard coverage, the company will help you to pay for the repair and or to rebuild your home or any other property in the building.

  • Popular coverage

In Popular coverage, as the name suggests you’ll get a lot of features

  • Identity Recovery
  • Valuable Articles
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Personal property replacement cost protection.
  • Multiple losses, One Deductible and more.

Safeco Insurance Company Reviews

By now I have told you a lot about Safeco Insurance but now the question arises it is actually worth?

Talking about their website it is easy to navigate and helps you log in and track your claim, purchase insurance and more.

They even offer a free inventory mobile apps that help you create an inventory of your belonging and their value.


  • The website is easy to navigate
  • Their Financial Strength is A “excellent” which means they are reliable
  • They offer a wide range of choices.
  • Premiums are affordable
  • The company was ranked “about average” for overall purchase experience for auto insurance in J.D Power’s 2017 U.S auto insurance study.
  • The company was ranked “about average” for overall satisfaction in J.D Power’s 2017 U.S Home Insurance study.


  • They had the median amount of complaints to state regulators for auto insurance in 2017 relative to its size, according to the National Association of Commissioners.


From the overall study and analysis from me, the company is reliable. It has good Financial position, average complaints and about the average customer experience.

Our Ratings:

I Rate this company 7/10. so, yes it is a good company and yes you can go for it.

Safeco Insurance Company Wiki, Reviews, Coverage, Pros, Cons

Name Safeco
Founder Hawthrone, K Dent
Date  1923 
Address Seattle, Washington 

  • Standard coverage 
  • Popular coverage
  • Basic coverage

Products The company sells auto insurance, home insurance, and speciality insurance products.

Rating 7/10
Phone Number 1-800-332-3226

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