Lemonde Insurance honest 2021 review: Is it legit?

Lemonade Insurance Reviews | Wiki | History | Claims | Phone Number: Lemonade Insurance is an American Insurance company headquartered in New York City. 
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Lemonade Insurance Wiki

Lemonade Insurance is an American Insurance Company headquartered in New York City

The Company offers renters home insurance policies for homes, apartments, and condos.

Lemonade Insurance was founded on 15th, April 2015 by a veteran tech entrepreneur, Daniel Schreiber (former president of (power mat)  and Shai Winniger (Co-founder of Fiverr).

In these 3 years, Lemonade has become one of the greatest names in the insurance industry.

They started Lemonade to satisfy the customer wherein the 2015 insurance industry was one of the least trusted in the U.S economy.

Lemonade Inc. is backed by investors including Aleph, General Catalyst, Sequoia Capital etc having raised $120 million as of December 2017.

Lemonade Insurance Claims

The company operates in the Fintech sector and created a new business model for insurance based on behavioural economics and technology.

The Company uses artificial intelligence and chatbot to deliver Insurance policies and handle claims.

Talking about Lemonade Insurance Claims, the claims are handled by their AI and devoted teams.

You can easily file a claim without any hassle via the lemonade app.

How does Lemonade Claims Works?

  • Firstly, you need to tap the claim button in the app.
  • Secondly, you need to explain your problem.
  • Thirdly, the company AI will run the anti-fraud algorithm.

If your claim is approved the AI will pay you instantly else the AI hands over the claim to devoted teams of human to handle ASAP.

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lemonade Insurance Reviews: Is Lemonade Insurance Legit?

I have already told you a lot about Lemonade Insurance Company but now the question arises Is Lemonade Insurance worth it?


  • Lemonade Insurance website is very to understand and easy to access.
  • Getting Insurance from Lemonade is super easy you just need to answer a few basic questions and get your price quote quickly.
  • Transparency is one of the guiding princes of Lemonade which they definitely fulfil.
  • Lemonade is the B Certified Insurance company which means they are beneficial for both environmental and social problems.


No doubt the lemonade Insurance is one the reputable name in Insurance Industry but they do have some drawback

  •  They have a very limited option. They only provide insurance to homeowners, renters and co-op Insurance.
  • Lemonade Insurance offers insurance to a very limited area like New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Texas.

Is Lemonade Insurance Worth it?

 Yes, of course, Lemonade Insurance is a great company and a legit one. I have already covered the Pros and Cons if it is suitable for you can go ahead.

I have covered the Summary of the article below for your better understanding.

Name: lemonade

Product: Insurance

Founder: Daniel Schreiber (former president of (powermat)  and Shai Winniger (Co-founder of Fiverr).

Location: New York

Phone Number: 1-844-733-8666

Interesting Facts:

  • Daniel and Shai didn’t have any experience with the startup.
  • Lemonade Inc. is backed by investors including Aleph, General Catalyst, Sequoia Capital, etc having raised $120 million as of December 2017.
Winding Up:
So, this is the end of this article. I hope you have found this article helpful.
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Who is Lemonade Insurance owned by?

Shai Wininger is the president CTO, & Co-founder at Lemonade.
Is Lemonade Insurance Legit?

Lemonade Insurance is one of the most famous and popular Insurance company. According to my research, this platform is 100% legit.

Why Lemonade Insurance is so cheap?

Ans: The company takes customer premiums and place them in a central spot, then uses that pot of money to pay out claims to the other customers.
Because Lemonade is not pocketing the excess premiums as revenue, the company can afford to offer you the coverage at so cheap.

Is lemonade insurance month to month?

Ans: You can choose a monthly plan via auto-debit However, you can also annual plan that will help you to get extra discount

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