Is Combined Insurance a Good Company or a bad choice?

What is Combined Insurance Company?

Combined Insurance is an American Insurance company that provides accident Insurance, Life Insurance, and Critical care coverage.


Who Owns Combined Insurance?

Combined Insurance Company was started by W.Clement Stone in 1922.
You will be amazed to Know, Clement had only $100 borrowed Money with which he started the company.
During the time of Great Depression, Stone in 1949 cut his field force from 1000 agents to just 135 agents to increase efficiency.
Later, In 1947, Stone changed the company name to Combined Insurance Company of America.

The company is now owned and operated by Chubb Ltd.

Chubb Ltd is the parent company of the Combined Insurance of America.

Source: Combined Insurance

How does Combined Insurance Work?

Combined Insurance provides several types of Insurance policies including accident insurance, life insurance according to the market and customer need.
It also provides Combined Insurance worksite solutions, which offers several Supplemental Insurance to complement existing employee benefits programme.
Supplemental Insurance programme is designed to help fill in the gaps that your major medical insurance doesn’t cover.

Where is the Combined Insurance Company?

Combined Insurance is an American based Company and operates in North America, Latin America, Europe and the Pacific.
The Company is headquartered in Chicago,  Illinois.

Is Combined Insurance a Good Company?

Combined Insurance is one of the biggest players in the Insurance Industry.
But, now the question arises Is Combined Insurance Worth It?

Company Claim?

Combined Insurance has been the serving customers since 1922.
They have over 3 million supplemental insurance policies in force in North America and payout almost half a billion dollars claim every year.

Financial Strength

Talking about Financial Stability Combined Insurance has managed to remain the stable Financial force and has the following rating
  • A+ (Superior) rated by A.M.
  • S&P: “AA-” Very Strong.
  • Combined Insurance had the Top “A+” bureau rating and scores 3.86 out 5 stars..

The Pros

Combined Insurance is one of the biggest players in the Insurance Industry.
The Company is available throughout the United States.
It has strong financial and customer service ratings.
If you are puzzled how to insure your life, health, accidental injuries then Combined Insurance is a great option.


The only limitations I found with Combined Insurance is that it has limited policy coverage and is not available in every state.

Is Combined Insurance Tax Deductible?

At present Revenue department of Thailand allows individual income earners to avail tax benefits from Life Insurance purchase up to THB 300000 per year.
 Not all Life Insurance policies are qualified to exercise tax benifit
However, There is two life insurance premium, with deduction privilege are as following:
1. Life Insurance premium for income earner oneself is permitted to avail tax benefit of the actual amount paid to THB 100000 maximum, and premium must hold the following characteristics:
  • Life Insurance premium excluding rider premiums like accident, health and dread diseases.
  • Coverage period of ten years or above.
  • In case of survival benefit is available, it returns not over 20% of annual life premium per year, or total accumulated life premium for total coverage period allowed.
2. Life Insurance premium for income earner oneself is additionally permitted to avail tax benefit of 15% of total taxable income but not over THB 200000 maximum and the amount of which must not be over THB 5 lakh in Total, when being combined with provident fund, government pension fund, Teacher aid fund, and Retirement Fund.
 Source: Chubb
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