Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia

 Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia: Car Insurance is one of the most important purchase you’ll ever make.

Purchasing a good and Cheapest Car Insurance isn’t like a cup of coffee. It takes time and proper research to get the best.

Especially for Georgia citizens where Car Insurance is easy Easily available but at a very high price.

Why is Car Insurance So expensive in Georgia?

Car Insurance has become very expensive nationally prices have jumped 22% since 2011 and in Georgia, prices have increased by 54% which is recorded the highest price increase.

According, our reports Georgia ranked 2nd in price increase of auto insurance last and previous year too.

When State Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens was asked regarding the increasing prices of auto Insurance in Georgia.

He Said there is little he or the government can do about the increasing rates. He later added that the reason is the law which was passed decade ago that makes impossible for the government to stop skyrocketing rates.

According to our sources, Price increase and rising rates is nothing new and has become routine for Georgians drivers.

When Allstate, was asked about the hike in prices of insurance rates they blame the increase in traffic, accidents, cost of repairs are responsible.

In case you don’t Know, Allstate is one of the largest insurance company and increased their Car insurance rates by a massive 25% in 2016.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Georgia

I hope you must have understood the reason for the hike in the price of Car Insurance in Georgia. However, there still some companies who try to provide Car Insurance at very cheap list are given below:

  • Gieco: $825 / year
  • Farm Bureau: $1252 / year
  • State Farm: $1390/year

This is for the good drivers as per research Geico has the lowest rates and if you are a driver with poor record Farm Bureau will be cheapest for you with $1241.

So, I hope you all got your answers, however, if still any confusion persists feel free to ask the question and I’ll try to answer it.

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