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Did you know 82% of the fast-growing U.S. jobs need computer skills? But, just 5.6% of high school students took a computer science class in one year. This fact shows why the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship is so important. It helps bridge the gap and gives a chance for more young people to become tech leaders.

The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship is making big steps in computer science and STEM education. It supports underrepresented students with up to $10,000 a year and an internship at Amazon. This scholarship lets high school seniors follow their STEM dreams and start a rewarding tech career.

This program by Amazon helps individual students and builds a tech workforce that’s more diverse and creative. It focuses on eager, financially-needy students who love STEM. The scholarship makes sure everyone has a fair shot at tech education and jobs.

What is the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship?

The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship helps bright high school students in the U.S. advance in computer science and STEM subjects. Created by Amazon, this effort supports students who dream of being engineers. It offers financial help, career insights, and chances to grow their skills.

The Amazon Future Engineer program and its commitment to STEM education

This scholarship is all about boosting learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). It’s designed to find and help the next wave of creators, solvers, and tech leaders. It gives students a wide range of useful resources and experiences.

Amazon is keen to make sure everyone can study computer science and engineering, especially those who might not get a chance otherwise. The scholarship not only provides money but also key information from the tech world. This way, it helps students follow their STEM dreams and add to future technology.

Eligibility requirements for the scholarship

To qualify, U.S. high school seniors wishing to study fields like computer science and engineering can apply. You need a solid academic record, a GPA of at least 2.3. You must have the right to work in the U.S. for two years to enjoy all the program’s benefits, including a summer job at Amazon.

The scholarship is open to those from all backgrounds, focusing on helping underrepresented groups in tech. It also looks at those with financial need, supporting families earning less than $60,000 each year.

Eligibility CriteriaRequirements
Academic PerformanceMinimum 2.3 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale
Citizenship/Legal StatusU.S. Citizen, Permanent Resident, or Employment Authorized to work in the U.S.
Degree ProgramComputer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or other related engineering majors
Financial NeedAnnual family income less than $60,000

Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship: Empower Your Future

Financial Support up to $40,000 for STEM Degrees

The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship offers up to $40,000 to each student. This helps cover their financial needs, offering $10,000 every year. It’s for students getting their bachelor’s in fields like computer science and engineering.

In 2023, only 7% of students who applied were accepted into the program. With over 8,000 applicants, getting this scholarship is competitive. Amazon is keen on helping bright minds from all backgrounds.

Opportunity for a Prestigious Internship at Amazon

Students who earn this scholarship also get a chance for an Amazon internship. This happens after their first year of college. It gives them a real look into the tech world and lets them work on Amazon’s big projects.

This scholarship boosts young innovators in STEM. It gives them money and a head start in the tech field. The goal is to make tech more diverse and open to everyone.

“The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship has been a game-changer for me. The financial support has allowed me to focus on my studies, while the internship opportunity has given me invaluable hands-on experience in the tech industry. I’m grateful for this transformative program that is opening doors and empowering the next generation of STEM leaders.”

– Samantha, Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship Recipient

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship helps bright students in STEM who need financial aid. It aims to make sure talented students get a fair chance in tech. The right candidates must show they are top students, have done work in engineering, and believe in including everyone.

Academic Performance and Engineering Experience

For this scholarship, you need to have a GPA of at least 3.0. This shows you take your studies seriously and can handle tough science and math. You also need to have experience with technology. This could be from computer science or building robots, in class or outside.

Contributions to Diversity and Financial Need

The scholarship also cares about different backgrounds and financial situations. If you’ve helped make your school or community more equal, that’s a big plus. Showing you really need the help is also important, as they want to assist students who might not afford a STEM education without help.

“The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship is more than just financial support – it’s an investment in the next generation of leaders and innovators who will shape the future of technology. We’re looking for students who not only excel academically, but also bring unique perspectives and a passion for making a positive impact.”

Amazon’s scholarship picks those who are excellent in their STEM studies, have done hands-on tech work, and care about making a difference. It’s all about encouraging the best students to see where their skills can take them in tech.

The Application Process Explained

Applying for the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship is easy. It’s made to find top students who love science and tech. To apply, show your best work in school, what you do outside class, and if you need help paying for school.

Required Documents and Recommendation Letters

Students need to send in some things to apply:

  • Unofficial transcript
  • Online recommendation from a computer science, robotics, or hardware engineering teacher (or another teacher who knows them well)
  • The first two pages of their household’s most recent IRS 1040 form(s) for the Financial Information Page

Application Timeline and Selection Criteria

The application timeline is clear. You can apply between October 1st and November 30th. Winners are chosen and told in the spring.

When picking a winner, they look at grades, engineering love, making the world more diverse, and if you need financial help. They want students who are good at science, love it, and help others in their community.

ScholarshipAward AmountDeadline
Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship$5,000 to $10,000 (renewable)November 30th
National Action Council for Minorities in EngineeringVariableNovember 1st
Angie Kennedy Educational Foundation Scholarship Program$1,000October 31st
College is Power Scholarship$1,000November 15th
Big Future ScholarshipUp to $40,000December 1st

Put effort into your application. It shows what you’re capable of and can help you get funds for studying science and tech in college.

Experiences of Amazon Future Engineer Scholars

The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship helps future STEM leaders. They get the chance to succeed at top colleges. The scholarship offers resources for them to excel.

Amazon scholars join top schools like Georgia Tech and Purdue. They enjoy the leading-edge education and research at these places. They get to improve their skills and make a difference.

The highlight is a paid summer internship at Amazon’s Seattle base. Scholars work on cool tech like Alexa and AWS. This helps them grow technically and in their professional network.

“The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship has been a game-changer for me. It has opened doors to top-tier colleges and allowed me to work alongside industry leaders, shaping my future in ways I never imagined possible.”

This scholarship impacts more than just one student. Its aim is to help educate 10 million students every year. It supports those from underrepresented areas, so the next generation of STEM leaders is diverse.

Competition for this scholarship is tough. In 2023, over 8,000 people applied, but only 7% got in. This shows the program’s dedication to finding and supporting the best in STEM.

Career Connections and Real-World Exposure

The Amazon Future Engineer program opens doors for students. It lets them see what a tech career is all about. They do this through virtual tours and learning directly from industry pros. These experiences are free and available on Kahoot!.

Students get to see how computer science impacts our world. They’ll learn about cool stuff like cloud computing, robotics, and space tech. This gives them a peek into how technology is shaping tomorrow.

Virtual Career Tours and Industry Insights

The program doesn’t just talk about tech; it shows it. Students can virtually visit Amazon’s tech world. Inside, they’ll explore jobs like software engineering and product management. This gives them a real feel for the tech industry.

They also hear from real Amazon workers. These talks are honest and inspiring. Workers share their career stories and what they love about their jobs. This helps students see their own future in tech.

Virtual Career Tour HighlightsIndustry Insight Themes
Discovering the world of cloud computing Exploring the inner workings of Amazon Robotics Uncovering the secrets of Amazon’s space explorationNavigating career opportunities in tech Developing problem-solving skills for the industry Embracing diversity and inclusion in the workplace

These virtual experiences do a lot. They teach students about tech jobs and help them plan their futures. The Amazon Future Engineer program is a great resource. It gives students a head start in the fast-changing tech world.

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The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship is for high school students who love STEM but need financial help. It gives up to $40,000 and a chance to intern at Amazon. This helps students follow their dreams in tech and add new ideas to the industry.

This scholarship is for everyone. It aims to bring more voices into tech and make sure everyone has a chance. As more students are helped, the tech world becomes a more varied and fair place. It shows how companies can do good by partnering with students across the U.S.

It supports the next wave of tech leaders. The program doesn’t just help students; it helps the whole tech community. As the need for tech experts grows, this scholarship links students in need with paths to success. It’s a vital step in making tech more open and available to all.


What is the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship?

The Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship boosts computer science and STEM learning for young people. It offers internships, courses, and a special scholarship. This scholarship is for high schoolers who want to study computer science or engineering in college.

What does the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship offer?

This scholarship gives financial backing of up to $40,000 for college students after a STEM degree. It helps with yearly financial gaps up to $10,000, renewing for three years or until a Bachelor’s is completed. Then, there’s an Amazon internship after the first year of college.

Who are the ideal candidates for the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship?

The scholarship aims at bright STEM students in need of financial aid. It’s for those with a strong GPA over 2.3 and a passion for engineering. Ideal candidates should have experience in fields like computer science or robotics.

What is the application process for the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship?

The application is simple. You’ll need to share your grades, get a teacher’s online recommendation, and give some family financial info. That’s it.

What opportunities do Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship recipients have?

Those who get the scholarship often go on to top universities like Georgia Tech or UC Berkeley. They also get an internship at Amazon after their first college year. There are extra career tours and insights to help them explore tech futures.

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