AARP Medicare Advantage PlansAARP Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are great for seniors who want broad healthcare coverage. The AARP Medicare Advantage plans are especially good, giving more benefits than basic Medicare (Parts A and B). These plans work for both AARP members and non-members, making it easy to get the care you need.

Provided by UnitedHealthcare, AARP Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drugs and can even have $0 premiums. These private Medicare plans save you money and offer extra benefits. This makes them a top choice for older adults who want the best from their healthcare.

AARP Medicare Advantage Plans

If you’re thinking about better healthcare, check out AARP Medicare Advantage plans. They are focused on helping seniors get excellent senior health insurance. You can get more benefits, like dental and vision care, by enrolling in these plans.

What is an AARP Medicare Advantage Plan?

An AARP Medicare Advantage plan, also called Medicare Part C, gives more coverage than Original Medicare. It’s from private insurance companies, like UnitedHealthcare. They work with AARP to offer seniors more Medicare choices.

Combining Original Medicare with Additional Benefits

AARP Medicare Advantage plans let seniors have all Medicare services in one place. This includes drug coverage, dental, hearing, and vision care. It makes healthcare simpler and more affordable for those on Medicare.

Premiums and Cost Considerations

AARP Medicare Advantage plans often cost less than Medigap plans. Some have premiums as low as $0, which is good for those with fixed incomes. But, look at the plan’s full cost like copays and deductibles to see if it fits with your needs and budget.

AARP Medicare Advantage Plans

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“AARP serves nearly 38 million members, and AARP Medicare Advantage offers a range of plan options, including HMO, PPO, PFFS, and Part D plans, for 2022.”

It’s important for seniors to know the benefits and costs of AARP Medicare Advantage plans. This way, they can choose the best coverage for their health and wallet.

Comprehensive aarp medicare advantage Coverage

AARP Medicare Advantage plans provide extensive coverage. They include dental, hearing, and vision benefits beyond Original Medicare. This means seniors can look after more of their healthcare needs.

Dental, Hearing, and Vision Benefits

These plans offer more than just check-ups. They cover fillings, crowns, and even dentures. You’ll also get discounts on brand-name hearing aids for hearing health. Vision benefits include eye exams, glasses, and contacts, protecting seniors’ eyes.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Credits

Over-the-counter credits help pay for healthcare items. Seniors can get pain relievers, vitamins, and more for free. This benefit saves money and supports their health.

AARP Medicare Advantage BenefitsCoverage Details
DentalPreventive services like cleanings, as well as restorative procedures like fillings and crowns
HearingRoutine exams and discounts on brand-name hearing aids
VisionAnnual eye exams and an allowance for glasses or contacts
Over-the-Counter (OTC) CreditsAllowance to purchase healthcare-related products, including pain relievers, first-aid supplies, and vitamins

AARP plans let seniors take care of their health easily. They cover everything from regular check-ups to specific treatments in one package.

Choosing the Right AARP Medicare Advantage Plan

Choosing an AARP Medicare Advantage plan requires thought. It’s vital to look at what you need and want in healthcare. Think about your health now and what might happen in the future. Consider the drugs you take and the medical care you mainly use. Also, think of your finances. Decide if you want to pay less each month or have a plan with more coverage but higher costs when you get care. It’s key to check if your favorite doctors are part of the plan and if the plan covers where you live.

Assessing Your Needs and Preferences

To start, think about your health needs. Start by asking yourself a few key questions. This will help narrow down your choices:

  • What are my current and future medical needs?
  • What drugs do I need, and how much do they cost?
  • Which health services do I use most (like seeing my doctor, getting admitted to the hospital, or physical therapy)?
  • Do I have favorite healthcare providers or hospitals?
  • How much can I spend, and do I mind paying more for better coverage?

Comparing Plan Options in Your Area

Once you know what you need in healthcare, look at the AARP Medicare Advantage plans in your area. Use AARP’s online tools by putting in your zip code. This shows you personalized plan suggestions and details for where you live. This makes it easier to pick the AARP Medicare Advantage plan that fits your needs and budget.

When comparing plans, keep an eye on these key things:

  • How much the premium costs each month
  • The amount you must pay before your plan starts to pay (deductible), plus the most you would ever have to spend in a year (out-of-pocket maximum)
  • How much you’d pay for services like doctor visits or hospital stays (copayments or coinsurance)
  • If it includes dental, vision, and hearing care
  • If you get any extras like OTC credits
  • If the doctors you like are covered, and if the plan includes where you live

By really knowing what you need and comparing the AARP Medicare Advantage plans where you live, you can choose a plan that helps your health and fits your budget.

Enrollment and Resources

Signing up for an AARP Medicare Advantage plan is simple. You can do it online, on the phone, or with the help of an insurance agent. AARP has many tools and resources to aid you in enrolling and comparing plans in your area.

AARP’s online plan finder tool is a big help. You enter details like where you live and your health needs. Then, the tool shows you Medicare Advantage plans that could work for you. This lets you look at the plans’ coverage, costs, and which doctors you can see, helping you choose wisely.

Along with the plan finder, AARP gives you lots of extra benefits. These member-exclusive benefits and support include educational materials, webinars, and talks with insurance agents. These agents can answer your questions and give advice based on your situation.

AARP supports both new and current Medicare Advantage members. Their wealth of resources and support are there for you. They help make sure you pick an AARP Medicare Advantage plan that fits your health needs and budget.

AARP Medicare Advantage Enrollment and Resources
Online Medicare Advantage plan finder tool Special educational materials and webinars for members Expert advice from licensed insurance agents Extra points in the AARP Rewards program for members Get the AARP Dental Insurance Plan through Delta Dental Enjoy a variety of health and wellness resources

Getting an AARP Medicare Advantage plan is straightforward. AARP offers lots of resources. Whether you want to compare plans, get member-only benefits, or talk to an expert, AARP is ready to assist. They aim to help you get the most out of your healthcare plan.


When picking healthcare, AARP Medicare Advantage plans stand out. They’re a great choice that grows with you. These plans mix Original Medicare benefits with extra perks like dental and vision coverage. This keeps you healthy and happy as the years go by.

AARP offers many options. If you need better dental coverage or want to save on over-the-counter items, they have something for you. By looking at what you need and what’s available, you can find a plan that’s perfect for you.

Don’t forget about AARP’s rewards. Members can earn more points and get great rewards. The Delta Dental Insurance Plan, part of AARP, covers a lot of dental work. This makes it easier to look after your teeth without spending too much.

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What is an AARP Medicare Advantage Plan?

The AARP Medicare Advantage plan is like a special type of Medicare. It combines what Original Medicare offers (Parts A and B) with extra benefits. These extra benefits can include things like prescription drugs, dental, and vision care. These plans are given by companies that work with AARP, like UnitedHealthcare.

How do AARP Medicare Advantage plans compare to traditional Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans?

AARP’s plans often cost less than traditional Medicare Supplement plans. Some of them even have $0 premiums each month, which is easy on fixed budgets. But, you should also look at what the plan will cost you in copays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket limits.

What additional benefits do AARP Medicare Advantage plans offer?

These plans offer more than Original Medicare. They usually cover dental, hearing, and eye care. You also get OTC credits to buy health items for free.

How should I choose the right AARP Medicare Advantage plan for me?

Think about what health services you need and how you use them. Look at the medications you take. Consider if you want a low-cost plan or one with more coverage. Make sure the plan covers health providers and hospitals you like.

How do I enroll in an AARP Medicare Advantage plan?

You can sign up online, over the phone, or with an agent. AARP has tools to help you find and compare plans. They also provide special member help and benefits for your Medicare journey.

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